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Join the NationsGlory community, great adventures await you!

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The planet is in your hands 🔥

NationsGlory is a PVP Faction SEMI-RP server based on the Earth map. Become the ruler you always wanted to be and implement your vision of the world.

  • Stuffs, weapons and tools

    Use firearms, missiles or nuclear bombs, as well as hundreds of unique blocks and items.

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  • 💣
    Wars and diplomacy

    Manage your diplomatic relations, go to war or build relationships with other factions on the server.

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  • 🌍
    Create your country, manage it wisely and conquer the world but also the stars.

    Create your country, manage it wisely and conquer the world but also the stars.

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  • 💰
    Banking system

    Develop your country's economy with the country bank and safe deposit box system.

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Servers open to all play styles 🎯

Whether you're a warrior, a fine strategist, or an outstanding architect, you'll find everything you need to thrive in this exciting world here!

By force or diplomacy, become the master of the world and move your country up the rankings to become a member of the very closed circle of superpowers!

joueur avec missile

Room for everyone 🔑

In an effort to provide the highest quality of gameplay, NationsGlory provides 14 game servers.

Each server has its own dedicated team to answer questions and disputes between players.

A creative community 🎉

Find all the videos created by our players on the NationsGlory servers.

How to appear here? Just add "NationsGlory" in the title of your video or live stream and follow our posting terms.

A launcher for all systems

With our Windows, MacOs and Linux compatible launcher, no more hassle!

Customize your experience by enabling shaders, the Optifine mod or selecting the amount of RAM allocated to NationsGlory.

No Minecraft account?

No problem, NationsGlory is independent and totally free to access!

With a NationsGlory account, you get access to all of our services!

The answers to your questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our wiki.

If you can't find the information you are looking for contact us on support.