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Couverture 10 years by your side

10 years by your side

Posted by Tymothi’s headTymothi the December 26 2023


NationsGlory celebrates its 10th anniversary with many surprises! Arrival of Edora, exclusive beta for NG Prime, exceptional offers... Get ready for a unique experience in January!


Edora Update: NG Prime Beta in January!

To mark our 10th anniversary, NationsGlory has an incredible update with the arrival of the planet, Edora! NG Prime subscribers can explore this planet in advance with an exclusive beta in January. Be the first to explore the frozen lands of Edora, which surely hide many mysteries...

The celebration continues in the shop with exceptional offers!

A new animated armor

The new Winter Soldier armor is available on Java and Bedrock in the anniversary lootboxes! Put on this complete armor, a true winter masterpiece, and on Java, witness a magical transformation with the frozen hammer when the outfit is complete.

New packs


Loyalty tickets!

In the loyalty section, discover our new scratch-off tickets! Win old collector armors and relive the iconic moments of NationsGlory. Turn luck in your favor and add unique pieces to your collection.


It's a gift!

From December 23 to 30, each player will receive an Anniversary Lootbox by logging into the server to celebrate 10 years of NG.


A word from the Founder

"After ten years together, I want to thank every player and every staff member for contributing to what NationsGlory is today... It's thanks to our community that we have been able to grow.

In 2013, NationsGlory is just a server among friends, and this for several weeks. Until the day I decide to present it on Youtube, with a trailer that is now legendary, and almost hasn't aged a bit! Today, it's not 5 but more than 500,000 unique players who have walked the lands of NationsGlory, a number that is chilling and can only make us proud of the journey we have taken!

I personally want to thank the thousands of people who have given their time to guide, moderate, and administer the servers. It is NG's greatest strength, no other server in the world can boast of having such a strong, creative, and important in-game staff. NG is nothing and does not function without them.

After a slightly complicated 2023, where we did not manage to complete our projects and achieve our goals, we are now more armed than ever to implement the projects that we have kept for you for years!

These 10 years are obviously just the beginning. Get ready, the eleventh year is going to start very, very strong!"


The entire NationsGlory team joins me in wishing you wonderful end-of-year holidays and a beautiful 2024. It's always better with you ;)


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Les lootboxs ultimates sont de retour pour une durée et une quantité limitée !

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