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About us

Last updated on November 11, 2019

The concept

The Map

The heart of NationsGlory lies in its Map, the land, this Map specially designed by us integrates all the topography of the world: mountains, lakes, rivers, seas.

All countries are represented and the borders marked on the ground allow players to easily find their way around the world.

The RolePlay

Each country is independent and is managed internally by the leaders (you). The goal of the server is to offer the possibility to the players to manage their community as they want, as a micro-server of a NationsGlory bosom.

PR pillars have been put in place such as the UN councils or the weekly country ratings, but the biggest part of PR lies in the political and strategic choices of the players.


NationsGlory is also known for its outstanding PvP, indeed our world integrates new content such as real missiles and atomic bombs to bring peace or war in the whole world of NationsGlory.

In addition to this, firearms, the trafficking of weapons is important on our servers and have a certain place in the PvP

A new gaming experience

With 6 years of experience, we have taken the NationsGlory game experience to the extreme by integrating unique interfaces for managing your countries/war/relationships/actions.

We also offer our players and this since 2015 a radio 100% managed by our players to accompany their long hours of play.


We take advantage of our large community to set up very regularly unprecedented events in the world of Minecraft.

For example, every month, we organize this record-breaking death match with all of our servers, bringing together more than 250 players in a single battle.

The numbers

A major player in the sector

With more than 6 years of experience in the field, NationsGlory has been a great success since its first year of existence with an important growth month after month to finally reach the important community base of today (more than 300.000 players).

This trend, which has continued to increase since 2013, allows us to easily project for the years to come.

A service that meets your expectations

With a staff of more than 100 people, we offer today a high quality service, we ensure for example a time lower than 24 hours for the requests of support and we propose an uptime of 99% on our servers in order to ensure an irreproachable quality of play


Les lootboxs ultimates sont de retour pour une durée et une quantité limitée !

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