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Couverture Edora New Frontiers Update

Edora New Frontiers Update

Posted by Tymothi’s headTymothi the March 18 2024



Unveiled gradually throughout the year 2023, Edora finally reveals its mysteries to all! New resources and new challenges on a frozen planet full of surprises.
Discover Edora New Frontiers on NationsGlory now!





| New tab: Research & Development 

A new country tab is now available: the Research & Development tab, which includes five distinct research areas.

In management, you can improve your country's membership count and bonuses. In military, you can enhance your military capabilities. For resources, you can upgrade your construction and agriculture abilities. In industry, you can boost your technical capacities. Finally, the technology field allows you to visit Edora.

To advance research, the country must achieve collective objectives, such as depositing specific ores or capturing warzones.


Interface r&d bedrock


| New missiles 

All missiles are craftable at WorkStations, whether on Java or Bedrock.

The Missile Drill (Tier III) digs in a 3x3 area until reaching Bedrock without destroying chests, ideal for penetrating bunkers! The Electromagnetic Missile (Tier III) deactivates all machines in an 80-block radius for 24 hours, with a one in ten chance of exploding. Players catch fire and experience nausea. As for the Endbringer Missile (Tier III), designed for total destruction in three phases: Earthquake missiles create faults and a radioactive zone, rendering the country unclaimed except for one chunk that becomes the /f home. Then, Thermobaric missiles devastate the country, making the Endbringer a formidable weapon.


| New resources on the Moon and Mars

The Moon and Mars also receive updates with the Edora update. /spawn now teleports the player to the planet's spawn, not Earth's capital. Galaxius now ensures the return to Earth. New resources are introduced: sulfur, available on Mars, is useful in many crafts. Additionally, zirconium, available on the Moon, randomly appears around the player. It allows crafting the new zirconium armor, the most powerful in the game.






Located at the ends of the universe, Edora is a frozen planet. Specific equipment is required to reach and survive on it. The planet Edora is divided into 4 biomes: frozen caves, ice desert, snowy forests, and snowy plains. 

| A transformed rocket

To access each planet, a different amount of fuel is required. To travel to the planet Edora, an upgrade must be built with materials in the craft station. Regardless of the planet, enjoy a new design!


| New animals, new monsters

Edora hosts a variety of creatures, from hostile ones like Champi-Creepers and Phantoms to peaceful ones like Champimignons and Nebulons.


| New boss: the Voriack 

Activate the 10 altars present on Edora in less than an hour to awaken the boss. They can be located on the map. At each altar, you will face a monster assault. The Voriack is an unpredictable boss that generates a portal upon death to a mysterious dimension.



| Novel resources 

Edora welcomes new ores such as cryolite, lead, uranium, and detherum, as well as two new cultivable cereals, used to make two new breads and to feed the Nebulons.


| Exceptional temperature 

On Edora, where the temperature can reach -200°C, every player must warm up to survive. To do this, a new armor, the gas armor, must be powered with a compressed gas bottle. Additionally, a new item, the boiler, regulates temperature within a 50-block radius and also requires a compressed gas bottle to function. Finally, another new item, the solar generator, warms players within a 200-block radius and requires electrical power to operate.







Gas is a new resource available both on Earth and on Edora. On Earth, like oil, the world is divided into several zones with a specific amount of gas per zone. The principle is similar on Edora, with a limited amount for the planet. Nebulons can be raised to collect gas. The gas collector collects gas produced by mobs.

Gas Extractor: powered by electricity, it extracts uncompressed gas.
Compressor: transforms uncompressed gas into compressed gas.
Gas Tank: stores compressed gas and fills gas bottles.
Gas Switch: functions like an electrical switch.
Boiler: melts snow to recover detherum. On Java, snow can be collected with the new tractor shovel.







| Resources

New resource, uranium must be mined with an electric pickaxe. Level 3 of the miner skill is crucial. 
Processing uranium yields two types of uranium:

Uranium 235 (95% chance of obtaining), used to power a nuclear reactor with a nuclear chamber
Uranium 238 (5%), used to craft nuclear missiles.




| Nuclear power plant 

A major innovation is coming to NationsGlory: you can now create your own nuclear power plant to power your country with energy. Here's how it works:

The nuclear chamber is where you'll deposit your uranium rods to increase the uranium stock of the nuclear reactor terminal. Then, the liquid nitrogen generator, powered by electricity and gas, will cool the nuclear reactor to prevent overheating.

The nuclear reactor, the centerpiece of the plant, will produce the energy needed to run your country. This energy will then be converted by the turbine, which turns the heat generated by the reactor into usable energy to power your infrastructure.

To maintain the plant's operation, the waste collector will gather the waste produced by the plant, thus avoiding pollution. Finally, the chimney, an imposing structure, will help manage the plant's temperature by venting excess heat.



| Plasma accumulator

The plasma accumulator is a structure designed to store a huge amount of electrical energy. Thanks to its impressive storage capacity, it represents the ideal solution for storing the electricity produced by the nuclear power plant.




Our wiki has been completely updated, featuring additions from the Edora New Frontiers update! 


Edora finally reveals its mysteries to all, be ready to face its new challenges!
Discover Edora New Frontiers now on NationsGlory !

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