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Couverture Edora is coming !

Edora is coming !

Posted by Tymothi’s headTymothi the March 01 2024


Mark your calendars for March 18th as the long-awaited update finally arrives! 


A New Java & Bedrock Update

Unveiled throughout the year 2023, Edora proves to be a new planet full of mysteries. It introduces a fresh environment with resources and challenges ready to be discovered... We invite you to revisit the trailer.
The Edora, New Frontiers update brings a frozen planet with new gameplay mechanics on both versions: it's a unique adventure.  



A Must-Attend Event!

If you need to be present, make it on March 18th: it's an event not to be missed.

Stay tuned for exclusive, never-before-seen spoilers of the update on our social media networks throughout the month of March. Follow us to get a sneak peek into the exciting new features!


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