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Lawsuit #44: Boost Assault by Killerx1 on UN

Posted by craft258 the November 23 2022 13:21 , modified on November 26 2022 19:08 by Geor_k2
Pending payment 💰


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April 09 2020

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I am posting this lawsuit at the account of my client, @UN, who accuses @Killerx1 of doing the following illegal act: Boost Assault.

He/she would like justice to be served, to prevent this from happening again and to sanction the criminal(s) for the damage caused.

The victim describes the act with these exact words:

"Boost mmr"

To justify his/her claims, the victim would also like to add his/her /f f, the /f f of the criminal(s) and the following proofs:

The victim's /f f: UN

The criminals /f f:

The given proofs: Theprof10toir


@Craft258, Lawyer of the Ruby Server


l'argent ne fait pas le bonheur mais il y contribue grandement
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October 09 2020

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Posted on November 23 2022 17:14

I confirm that i am witness of this boost Assault.




Theprof10Toir, Ruby Mod!

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Modérateur Ruby

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April 18 2021

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Posted on November 23 2022 20:32


According to the Codex and the Ruby's Internal Rules, this lawsuit is officially accepted.
The criminal @Killerx1 has done the following illegal act : Boost Assault

Rule Reference: Codex: 5.5.8 ♦ The boost kill in order to increase and/or influence the /f stats is not allowed.

@Killerx1, from UnitedArabEmirates, has to pay a fine of 7500$ and will get 2 hours of jail.
The fine will be shared : 100 % to the UN 
(/econ bank deposit UN 7500$)
Do not forget to screen to have a proof.

The fine has to be paid by the criminal within the 7 days delay (with a screen timestamped with the double F2 underneath this lawsuit), up to 11/30/2022. After this delay, the UN representors will double and take by force the fine.

The criminal has a 3 days delay to do a court of appeal, if he/she disagrees with the verdict given by the UN spokesperson. After this delay, the court of appeal will be automaticly refused.


@Geor_k2, Spokesperson of the UN and Ruby Staff.

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February 15 2022

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Posted on November 25 2022 00:50

but i am not the leader of UNitedArabEmirates i was just a old officer

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