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Lawsuit #340: Anti Gaming by Natax26 and XxW on Golden_Pheonix2 and LifeLong

Posted by bocqueraz the November 18 2023 21:55
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I am posting this lawsuit at the account of @Golden_Pheonix2 and LifeLong, who accuses @Natax26, @XxW of doing the following illegal act: Anti Gaming.

He/she would like justice to be served, to prevent this from happening again and to sanction the criminal(s) for the damage caused.

The victim describes the act with these exact words:

"I got robed 2 times a lot of solar panels and its making me be mad "

To justify his/her claims, the victim would also like to add his/her /f f, the /f f of the criminal(s) and the following proofs:

The victim's /f f: https://nationsglory.fr/linkfilter/https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1164677985492803624/1172730730267291730/Screenshot_2023-11-10_205311.png?ex=6561619a&is=654eec9a&hm=b7b3a367a0a80ee7ecf979197c3cd7dd7067c2c2ddb0a8e8bf12335761adff29&=&width=1158&height=601

The criminals /f f: https://nationsglory.fr/linkfilter/https://images-ext-2.discordapp.net/external/RI2VhmESsZZONQAnRsA0GlxSJU893lJXv_jtLrR9yT0/https/image.noelshack.com/fichiers-md/2023/45/6/1699671260-screenshot-2023-11-10-205445.png?width=960&height=501

The given proofs: Just check all solar panels that XxW and Natax26 have I got robed over 50 panels


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Posted on November 20 2023 19:34

First of all, I don't understand why my name is mentioned because I never took part in the attacks on Cameroon.
What's more, Cameroon has lost a maximum of thirty solar panels.
In addition, the number of solar panels we have should be evidence taken seriously ? You're not the only one who's been looted! 🙃

All my cubic considerations.

Ce message de XxW a été supprimé par the December 31 1969 16:00 et il n'est plus visible.


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Profitez des soldes du printemps du 1er au 7 avril pour faire vos achats. Des réductions vous attendent sur toute la boutique.

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