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Founded by link36042’s headlink36042 le 12 mars 2023

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This is the government of the country, consisting of the leader and his officers.

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Ongoing wars

Here is a list of the wars in which the country is currently involved.

This country does not have a war at the moment

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How to reach the country?

The country is closed. You can join by invitation only. Go chat with the members of the country to have a chance to join. If you have received an invitation it will appear in the notification area at the bottom right in game.

The country is open. You can join the country from the country page in game. You can open the country page with the command /f f afghanistan.


The complete list of members of the country.


The complete list of country relations.

Country Relationship


The complete list of the country's assaults.

Date Enemies Score Duration Support Victory
This country has not had an assault since its inception...


The complete list of country ratings. Looking for the ratings of other countries? Find the complete list on the page of ratings.

Week A G É M AM RM F U Archi Total Exchange
20 mars 2023 5 3.2 0.8 1.9 0 0 0 0 0 10.9 $6547
13 mars 2023 5 2 3.4 2.9 0 0 0 0 0 13.4 $8072

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