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Couverture Welcome to NationsGloryUS

Welcome to NationsGloryUS

Posted by iBalix’s headiBalix the May 12 2022


Welcome everyone!

We are extremely proud to announce that today marks the official start of NationsGloryUS 🎉

Today marks the beginning of the history of this 100% English speaking version of NationsGlory, with the opening of two new servers: NG Ruby (Java) and NG Delta (Bedrock).

The rest of this article is intended to introduce you to NG's global functioning, so that you can start your adventure as well as possible and be part of the pioneers of the US version!

🌍 What is NationsGlory ?

NationsGlory, also called "NG" is the first Earth SMP Modded server in the world, in activity in France since 2013.

You will be able to evolve on the world map, all the countries are represented and inspired by the reality, up to you to join one or to create yours.
From there, the goal of the game is to develop your country according to different aspects: economy, military, architecture, PR, skills... in order to make it one of the greatest country in the world.

📦 We have developed an exclusive modpack since 2013 that allows you to access a multitude of content such as:

  • Weapons and missiles to attack other countries or defend your territory
  • Machines, electrical and energy systems to develop your country and make it a technological power
  • Vehicles, agricultural machines, space rockets...
  • A collection of more than 2000 new blocks and decorative objects, for all styles

NationsGlory is now composed of 18 servers, 16 French and 2 English, the RUBY and DELTA.

📚 My first steps on NG

When you arrive on the servers you get to chose between:

  • Create your country: With the command /f create you will have access to the list of available countries, make your choice and start the adventure of a leader! It is not easy, take the time to discover the functioning of a country through the different management interfaces.
  • Get recruited in an existing country: Simply ask in chat if countries are recruiting, take advantage of this first experience to train with the leaders of the country.

Then, it's time to start your adventure, here are your first missions:

  • Find a safe place to settle, ideally in your country
  • Farm on the MINE server or directly in the underground to collect minerals
  • Find food in nature and plant one of the many varieties of fruits or vegetables to feed yourself
  • Make money by selling your resources, via the ATM system, via the voting system...
  • Increase your skills to access new content and advance your country
  • Build your first machines

The rest of your adventure will be punctuated by the life of your country, alliances, wars and by the projects you undertake on the server!

🧰 Staff and Moderation

NationsGlory's staff is composed of more than 300 people, each server including moderators, super-moderators and two administrators.

The management, the important decisions and the development of the servers are in the hands of the "high administration" team composed of the two founders "iBalix" and "MisterSand" as well as the five Admin Managers "Tiscoop", "Pikuss", "Dexwid", "Naxe" and "jujupaonn".

In addition to this, there are other people who have an essential role such as OceVador and Thoz in charge of communication, GuillaumeRE and BlackManon in charge of the webradio and many others.

We are continuously recruiting new people in the moderation and administration of the servers, don't hesitate to try your luck if your experience as a player on NG has won you over 😉

🕹 How to play ?

🖥 JAVA Version

You don't need a Minecraft account to play NationsGlory JAVA version, just create an account on nationsglory.com and download the launcher by clicking on https://nationsglory.com/download

📱 BEDROCK Version

The Bedrock version is accessible via the Minecraft game available on Windows 10, iOS, Android as well as game consoles.

🚀 Social networks

We have several social networks in order to communicate with you about the news of the server and to get people to know about the NG Experience!

By joining the Discord and Twitter, you automatically get an in-game Lootbox 🎁


📆 NationsGlory US will open its doors this Friday at 5:00PM EST


Looking forward to meeting you in game!

Last updated on May 13 2022 00:31


  • LitBoi33

    Posted on December 30 2022

    I'm just new

  • Alexander837

    Posted on October 18 2022

    Why is the server address not working? Also the discord link is also not working

  • Alexander837

    Posted on October 18 2022

    Why is the server address not working? Also the discord link is also not working

  • AsherTheAssassin

    Posted on September 27 2022, published on September 27 2022 19:59

    I recently joined delta because I heard it was a English server, and automatically the mods started yelling at me to stop speaking English!!! I said that it was a English server and they said go to ruby on Java for that, when i responded in English saying I don’t have Java and that this is the only English bedrock server they muted me and said in chat that they made it into a French server

  • AsherTheAssassin

    Posted on September 26 2022

    Can i play on iOS?


    Posted on September 08 2022


  • electrocorbeau

    Posted on June 13 2022

    Good luck in the US server !

  • Ninjascissors17

    Posted on June 04 2022

    The servers won’t let me join I’ve been in queue for a while now

  • BarilCitron8807

    Posted on June 03 2022

    this is very cool

  • Badaboum

    Posted on May 21 2022

    ok "

  • Charen

    Posted on May 20 2022


  • Cean

    Posted on May 15 2022


  • Cean

    Posted on May 15 2022


  • HoucineTieks

    Posted on May 13 2022

    Lesssgooo as a moroccan i can finaly qawed english players

  • Amicus

    Posted on May 13 2022

    That's sad that people who already played at NG French are going to US (because they live in Quebec)

    Exept that, that's a great walk for NationsGlory, congratulations !

  • Mighty_Gamer

    Posted on May 13 2022


  • moroccannooby

    Posted on May 12 2022

    LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ibalix the best ibalix the best! Yooouh! its time for a new adventure