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Couverture [Update] Warzone redesign... and a third one!

[Update] Warzone redesign... and a third one!

Posted by iBalix’s headiBalix the November 23 2022


Hello everyone!

The Warzones are getting a makeover today with this new update dedicated to them. Here are all the details!

🖼 Nouvelle interface

The Warzone interface is renewed and updated in the new graphic charter of NG, in addition to being clearer and more aesthetic, you will find new information and the live ranking.

🗺 New maps

The two warzones Ship and Petrol have been completely re-built by the team of inter-server builders, this work resulted in larger maps, more feasible for PvP and more optimized.

These new maps will be available this weekend on all servers!

🚢 Ship Warzone


🛢 Petrol Warzone

⛏ New Warzone : Mine

A third warzone appears, it is called "Mine", this one will allow you to unlock an exp bonus on skills for all the members of your country, up to +50%!

The zone gives +0.25% per minute to the country that owns it, and this bonus drops by 10% per day. (10% of the bonus, so if you have +20% bonus, you lose 2% per day)

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