Les lootboxs ultimates sont de retour pour une durée et une quantité limitée !Click here ↗

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New Lootboxes

Posted by Tymothi’s headTymothi the May 18 2024

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After many years of good and loyal service, our current lootboxes are giving way to their new version.
With modernized design and functional improvements, they have everything to please.



The classic, legendary, and ultimate lootboxes are getting a facelift. Now, they are identical in every way on both Java and Bedrock versions. Their design has been completely rethought, as well as their functionality.



As tested during the recent Halloween, birthday, and Christmas events, our usual lootboxes adopt the new rarity system upon opening. This means that when you open one, you have a chance to obtain a lootbox ranging from common, rare, epic, or the best: legendary. This rarity discovered upon opening obviously affects the contents of the lootbox. Along with this new system, the obtained loot has also been improved.



To celebrate this novelty, we will be selling the most coveted of all: the ultimate lootbox in ultra-limited quantity this weekend! Keep an eye on the shop, there won't be enough for everyone.

Have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Last updated on May 18 2024 12:48


  • Shadow_Rex2023

    Posted on May 25 2024, published on May 25 2024 20:20

    jsp parreille que les anciennes je pense

  • Nickylarsonuchi

    Posted on May 20 2024

    Comment on les obtient ?


Les lootboxs ultimates sont de retour pour une durée et une quantité limitée !

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