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Couverture A musical month of June

A musical month of June

Posted by Tymothi’s headTymothi the June 11 2024


This year again, the month of June on NationsGlory will be all about music!
The Minestock Festival returns with its headliner, Galshi Revolution.



Since the last festival, NationsGlory continues to resonate with the rhythm of music. Numerous original compositions have enriched our universe, from the official NationsGlory soundtrack to Edora's thematic album. All our music is available on various streaming platforms. In addition to our own music catalog, we will have the honor of welcoming back the electro group Galshi Revolution, composed of Allka and Blast.

Allka and Blast met on Minecraft while collaborating on the "Studio Allka" channel and officially formed their group in 2016. They quickly gained popularity by creating intros for YouTubers such as Togen, Dimension, Farod, Tartinex, and more recently Wankil Studio and Vzion. The group is no stranger to music festivals; in addition to their performance for NationsGlory, they have already played in front of several thousand people at the Le Mans Music Festival in 2019.


The festival returns for its second edition starting June 21. Like last year, each country on each server will have the chance to participate in a large lottery to host this new edition. The lottery will take place on each server starting Sunday, June 9, and the draws will occur during the United Nations sessions the following weekend (Saturday, June 15, and Sunday, June 16). The winning host country will have the honor of hosting the festival from June 21 to June 30 and will receive an exclusive badge and trophy as the organizer of an international event.




For this second edition, new supplies will be available in your catalogs. From spotlights and speakers to mounting bars, you'll find everything you need to build a stage, light up venues, and much more!





Happy Music Festival to all!

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