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Lawsuit #88: Anti Gaming by Xallem_ on LOUTIP12

Posted by PtitMath the January 25 2023 17:49 , modified on January 25 2023 22:55
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I am posting this lawsuit at the account of @LOUTIP12, who accuses @Xallem_ of doing the following illegal act: Anti Gaming.

He/she would like justice to be served, to prevent this from happening again and to sanction the criminal(s) for the damage caused.

The victim describes the act with these exact words:

"We invited Xallem because he was in the enterprise of repair and we tp him only for repairing and we were having server and a refill he stole everything (server repair demonic swords legendary helmets and a lot of other things)"

To justify his/her claims, the victim would also like to add his/her /f f, the /f f of the criminal(s) and the following proofs:

The victim's /f f: https://nationsglory.fr/linkfilter/http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2023/04/3/1674606099-image-2023-01-24-192138310.png

The criminals /f f: https://nationsglory.fr/linkfilter/http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2023/04/3/1674613886-image-2023-01-24-213125438.png

The given proofs: log + @padjboi + @polarix_yt


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Posted on January 25 2023 23:06

I am witness of the log !

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